The program

Explainers is a program born from the initiative of the main science museums in the USA and, since 1969, it is the flagship program at the San Francisco Exploratorium. The main goal is to boost the vocations in the scientific fields among the participants and provide knowledge to museum’s visitors with help from these high school students. The program is preceded by the success in San Francisco and adopted by many other museums in Europe, CosmoCaixa decided to implement it to build a bridge between the content at the museum and the general public.

With this program, CosmoCaixa wants to go a step further in developing innovative programs that bring science closer to the general public to contribute, with educators, to the training of young students on the scientific fields.

Que implica ser explainer


Explainers receive a complete training to face the challenge of answering questions by visitors from different centers, professionally and accurately.

CosmoCaixa offers training related to the different areas and partner universities organize the following activities:

Business & Marketing School

Communication and public speaking techniques to speak with confidence and professionalism.

Institut Químic de Sarrià

Conference & workshop about renewable energies and energy sources.

Universidad Ramon Llull

Different workshops about robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Escuela Universitaria Salesianos de Sarrià UAB

Theory and & practice at the Material Resistance laboratory with students from the Mechanical Engineering degree.

Who can be an Explainer?

High school students that demonstrate:
  • Commitment with the project
  • Motivation
  • Willingness to share knowledge and learn
  • Enthusiasm for science
  • Creativity
  • Ability to adapt to change


2022-2023 is the 9th academic year for this program. For the past years, we counted:

Perque apuntar-se

Why sign up?

If you love science, this is a great opportunity to take your passion further and explore it in a different environment: a science museum! Did you know… we learn the most experimenting things and explaining them to others?

If you like interacting with people, here you can practice and develop your communication skills creating unique experiences.

If you are just curious to learn new things, don’t miss this opportunity! It’s a one-in-a-lifetime chance to experience something completely different! You will be part of a great project with an important mission: provide knowledge to others in order to make a better society.

Moreover, as an Explainer, CosmoCaixa will invite you to be part of the Explainer Community, where all the young participants will have chances to live unique and enriching experiences in the fields of science.
This is a space for young people with shared interests that serves as a link with science and CosmoCaixa.

The goals of this community are to continue boosting vocations in the scientific fields and deliver proximity and access to the museum for all topics related to science and technology, being assistants in the museums programming.