Explainers program gives you a chance to learn explaining

New edition of the Explainers Program.
Course 2020‑21.
Registrations closed


What is an Explainer?

Explainers are high school students that explain science with their own words, after receiving training from the museum related to its different areas – from physics to chemistry and biology, or even at the R+D laboratory – in order to learn everything about each area.

For the Explainers, getting involved on this program means commitment, motivation and building adaptive skills; sharing knowledge, learning both academically and personally, getting excited about science; acquiring experience, communication skills and creativity.

As of 2019-20 the program was oppened to all Barcelona city.


  • Clara Arbonés

    High school student

  • Bronte Plana

    High school student

  • Filotea Crasovan

    High school student


  • New edition of the Explainers Program. Course 2020-21


    We are starting a new edition of the Explainers program, this year in a different format. Due to the exceptional situation caused by the health emergency, the program will last for two quarters, from January to May 2021, and will be partially developed online. We want to expand the program with a special edition of... Read more »

  • New Universe Room


    We open the Universe Room! Enter the new permanent exhibition of CosmoCaixa and discover the cosmos and its evolution from the big bang to date.

Are you interested?

Perks of being an Explainer

Free access to CosmoCaixa and to educational activities

10% discount at the café-restaurant Arcasa, in CosmoCaixa

10% discount on objects and 5% discount on media or books at Laie store, in CosmoCaixa

Exclusive activities for Explainers

Free entry to other museums

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